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Download Blank Calendar 2018 Monthly Printable Templates For Free

Download monthly blank calendar 2018 printable and editable templates for free to schedule and organize work. All months of 2018 blank calendars are available here to download. Now make your work more accurate with better efficiency with our latest calendars. All of these are supportable for Google Docs and you can use them for your office and school purposes.

Download January 2018 Blank Calendar Printable Template

The first month of the year is beginning on Monday and it will have 5 Mondays, 5 Tuesdays and 5 Wednesdays. Before downloading the blank calendar, let’s discuss about some interesting facts about this month. Within the Northern Hemisphere, January is considered as the coldest month of the year. It is also known as Blood Donor month. The word “January” is derived from the ancient Roman name “Jenus” who presided over the gate to the new year.

download january 2018 blank calendar

Download January 2018 Blank Calendar

Download Free February 2018 Blank Printable Calendar

February is the shortest month of all months in the Gregorian Calendar. This time, February will begin on Thursday and every week will have four days each. In English language, February is the most common word to misspell out of all months. This is the only month that can pass without full moon. Interestingly this year [2018], February month will have no full moon. Download blank calendar of February 2018 below.

download february 2018 blank calendar

Download February 2018 Blank Calendar

Free Download March 2018 Blank Calendar

Now we are into March month of year 2018. Another month with 31 days. The name of this month is named after Mars which is known as Roman god of war. One of the most interesting proverbs about this month is that it is “March comes in a like a lion and goes out like a lamb”. This means the winter is ending and spring is beginning. The birthstone of Mars is aquamarine and the flowers are daffodil or violet.

download march 2018 blank calendar

Download March 2018 Blank Calendar

April 2018 Blank Calendar Printable Download

The first month of the Gregorian calendar to have 30 days. On 1st of April, there are two holidays which are Easter Sunday and an observance called Easter Sunday. There will be Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday on 13th of April 2018. April is a national awareness month for pets, mathematics, stress, bowl cancer, jazz and irritable bowel syndrome in United Kingdom. Link to download April 2018 blank calendar is given below.

download april 2018 blank calendar

Download April 2018 Blank Calendar

Download May 2018 Blank Calendar Template Free

Now it’s time to download blank calendar of May Month. Another month with 31 days in which Mother’s Day is celebrated. There was a survey done by Google¬†which states that May is the 55th most common word used in English. In United Kingdom, more Prime Ministers are born in this month than any other month. Amazing!!!

download may 2018 blank calendar

Download May 2018 Blank Calendar

June Blank Calendar 2018 Printable Download

The hottest month of the year which has 30 days. In this month, the World’s most popular event i.e. FIFA World Cup will be played in Russia from 14th June. The Anglo Saxons called this month as “Sera Monath” which means the dry month. The birthstone of June are Alexandrite, Moonstone and Pearl. Given below is the link to download June 2018 blank calendar template.

download june 2018 blank calendar

Download June 2018 Blank Calendar

July 2018 Blank Calendar Download

One of the most awaited months of United States as the nation celebrates its Independence Day in this month. 4th of July is known for the day of Independence of USA. The name of this month is named after Julius Caesar in 44BC. It was month of his birth. This month is also known as the warmest month of the year in United Kingdom. Grab blank calendar now.

download july 2018 blank calendar

Download July 2018 Blank Calendar

August 2018 Blank Calendar Free Download

August month is known as the last month of Summer months. In 2018, August month will begin on Wednesday. August was the 55th most common name given to a baby boy in Sweden in year 2014. Three years ago, August was the only month that begun on a Saturday. India celebrates its Independence Day in this month on 15th.

download august 2018 blank calendar

Download August 2018 Blank Calendar

Download September 2018 Blank Calendar

The name September comes from the Latin Septem for seven, since this was the seventh month of the Roman Calendar. In United States, there will be holiday on 3rd September for Labor Day. Each year, September begins on same day of the Week as December, Interesting!

download september 2018 blank calendar

Download September 2018 Blank Calendar

October 2018 Blank Calendar Printable Template

October is the tenth month of Gregorian Calendar which comes with beginning of Winter season. The Welsh for October is Hydref, a word signifying the lowing of cattle. there is a well known fact about this month. The fact is more Presidents of United States have been born in October than in any other month.

download october 2018 blank calendar

Download October 2018 Blank calendar

November 2018 Blank Calendar Template

November month of 2018 is beginning from Thursday and will end on Friday. The eleventh month observances like Thanksgiving, Veterans Day. The Presidential elections of United States held in the month of November after every four years. It was originally the ninth month of Roman calendar.

download november 2018 blank calendar

Download November 2018 Blank Calendar

December 2018 Blank Calendar Template

The name of this month comes from the Latin decem for “ten”, as it was the 10th month in the Roman Calendar. One of the most popular festival “Christmas Day” is celebrated in this month. It is celebrated with Christmas tree and gifts. The first artificial Christmas tree was made in Germany.

download december 2018 blank calendar

Download December 2018 Blank Calendar

So these are the blank monthly calendars of 2018 that you can download for free. If this article helped you, kindly help others also by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus etc.

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